Visual thinking in IT architecture

Whenever a solution is being designed and developed, it typically deals with two paradigms — Creativity and technicality. Creativity takes precedence and dominates the earlier phases of the project from inception, design thinking until firming up the User journeys. once the hand off of design thinking output is delivered to…

Banks when started as a brick-and-mortar business were more product centric to keep ahead of the market. The next era is the customer centric where the entire business of banking was centered around customer. This led to predictive banking where the banks were expected to predict the behavior of customers…

Pillars of Transformation

The following are the pillars of enterprise transformation which helps to drive KPI as well as the business imperatives in Banking:

Cognitive — Cognitive has become an eminent part of banking which looks at dimensions such as less human task, more efficiency, accurate product positioning, better risk etc. …

Periasamy Girirajan Irisappan

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